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Mike Venables

Managing Executive Director

Mike Venables

Hearts & Science

A team player in every way, Mike is continuously finding new ways to deliver value to clients and unlock the full potential of the Hearts team. He believes that nothing brings people closer together than sharing success through hard work, and he works to instill this culture every day in his role as the leader of AT&T’s media business. He feels lucky to be working with the best & brightest team he has ever partnered with while working on the most exciting piece of business the industry has to offer. At the end of the day, the holy grail for Mike is to see both his clients and team growing professionally and personally.

Mike’s tenacious spirit is a thread throughout his career. He started at FCB in the heart of a high-stakes recession where he became the performance-minded marketer he is today. His later experience at WPP across diverse categories and global clients primed him for his current role at Hearts & Science, where he has earned the 2019 Brookbanks Leadership Award.

Mike’s role requires him to be strategic and he’s never one to shy away from the data. It is not uncommon to see Mike rolling up his sleeves to pour through performance reports in order to gain a competitive edge on behalf of his clients. Despite his love for analytics, he strives to maintain his creativity by delivering made up stories to his daughters every night, some of which can continue for months at a time! It’s his at-home version of real-time content creation.