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Drew Pratt

Group Director, Branded Content Director

Drew Pratt

Havas Sports & Entertainment

As Group Director of Branded Content at Havas Sports & Entertainment, Drew is responsible for leading the creative vision and oversight of all nontraditional client programs through the lens of story-led integrations, custom content and media partnerships. Standing at the intersection of creative and media, Drew integrates both disciplines and creates first-to-market opportunities for clients that go beyond a 30 second spot.  
With his close collaboration alongside various Havas Media practices, major networks, publishers and content studios, Drew has orchestrated a number of cross-channel campaigns including a franchised custom series in partnership with Ellen DeGeneres and Ashley Graham, a branded country music tour, and on-air branded segments seen on Inside the NBA on TNT, The iHeart Radio Music Awards, and The MTV Movie & TV Awards.  
Drew’s current focus is working closely with his team to deliver branded content opportunities for clients such as TracFone, Choice Hotels and TD Bank and supporting new business efforts with big, crazy ideas. He is always looking for that “Got it!” moment of inspiration - whether it’s on a New York City subway, waiting for his Seamless order to arrive, or having a laugh until you cry moment with family and friends, any situation can lead to the spark of a valuable idea.