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Benjamin Potter

Global Creative Director

Benjamin Potter


Benjamin Potter is the Global Creative Director of CLICKON Media. With offices in Los Angeles, New York and London, CLICKON Media helps partners make, manage and innovate content at the speed of the digital economy.  As a creative production company built for the demands of the digital age, Benjamin oversees all work across North America and EMEA, which combines groundbreaking branded content with a data-led creative approach. With over 10 years experience at the forefront of the media transformation, Benjamin has led production campaigns across TV, digital and social for advertisers such as Red Bull, AstraZeneca, America's Navy, Special Olympics, Adidas, General Tire, Dunlop and Jose Cuervo to name a few.   With a positive leadership approach and emphasis on transparency across all forms of advertising, Benjamin has been key to the continued growth of CLICKON Media and has helped garner multiple awards and recognition at major international advertising and film festivals. Benjamin's insistence and ability to fuse together creative, production and data under one roof have been key to CLICKON Media's groundbreaking work for its partners.  In a new era where marketers have never been under more pressure to deliver impact efficiently and at speed, Benjamin and his team at CLICKON Media have fused together workflow technology with production craft, to help its partners halve the time it takes to create and deploy premium fit-for-channel content. With a 50% reduction on time spent in creating content and a 28% average savings on production costs, CLICKON Media's workflow technology have helped brands and agencies succeed in the ultra-competitive digital economy.  As one of the original founders of CLICKON Media, Benjamin has been instrumental in growing the business from a small start-up into a global creative production company. This year, CLICKON Media is launching its new Singapore office to handle the growing demands of the Asian market who want content produced faster and more efficiently than ever before. In addition, Benjamin will also be overseeing the launch of a new philanthropic arm of the business to help raise awareness through content for various causes across the globe.