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Addie Conner

Chief Innovation Officer

Addie Conner

Decoded Advanced Media

Addie Conner is the smartest person you will ever meet. Simply put, Addie redefines what strategy means at Decoded, developing new methodologies and analytics to change how the creative process begins and evolves. A pivotal theme in her ongoing product innovation is understanding the intersection of content and ads, and how to effectively merge EQ and IQ. It’s this change that helps revolutionize the work clients make. Creative direction no longer comes from artists and ideators alone, it is coupled with Addie’s learning agenda and campaign planning. Addie’s changed the industry once, and she wants to do it again.

Prior to Decoded, Addie was the Co-Founder of SocialCode, a top tech and media analytics company working with over 30 Fortune 100 firms. Prior to SocialCode, Addie was the VP of Advertising for Avenue100, a performance marketing company for educational institutions acquired by the Washington Post in 2007.

Given the chance to meet Addie, don’t forget to ask her about her encyclopedic knowledge of farm animals, flora and fauna and anything having to do with nature, outdoorsiness and eating right.