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Rebecca Coleman


Rebecca Coleman

Something Massive

Rebecca Coleman co-founded creative agency Something Massive in 2009 when she saw an opportunity to help brands build cultural value, and has been creating meaningful interactions between client and consumer ever since. Tenacious, energetic and strategic, Rebecca is a successful entrepreneur who brings a special spark to her agency.


Coleman's original goal of building cultural value is paying off. A 2017 report by Landor Pulse named long-term client, Plum Organics, one of the most engaging brands in the US. The study looked at 933 consumer packaged goods brands, and Plum Organics was the only brand established in the twenty-first century to make the top 10 list. 


Prior to Something Massive, Coleman was the Vice President at DNA Studio and the general manager at WhittmanHart Interactive. A graduate of Syracuse University, she is also a serial entrepreneur within the advertising/marketing space as well the hospitality industry, with more on the horizon…