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Emely Perez

Senior Designer

Emely Perez

J. Walter Thomson

Emely Perez, 28, is a designer and illustrator with a broad portfolio of work. Coming from a traditional Dominican family and growing up in Brooklyn, graphic design was an unlikely career choice. Nevertheless, her obsession with visual storytelling landed her a MAIP internship at JWT NY in 2011. Today, she is the Design Team’s Senior Designer. 


She has gained deep experience in brand research and architecture, working on some of the most famous global brands, including Smirnoff, Puma, Walmart, Rolex, and Campari Group. From branding to art direction, web design to design systems, Emely has covered a lot of ground.


Emely worked on Puma’s 2014 global campaign, launching the brand under its new positioning, “Forever Faster”. In 2015, she concepted and co-directed Shadow River, a music video for the NAMI #IWILLLISTEN album meant to break the stigma of mental illness. That same year, Emely exercised her illustration chops with poster and signage design for SummerStage, a NYC-wide performing arts festival. Recently, she, along with her team created the innovative Walmart Wrapping Bag. A shopping bag that converts into wrapping paper, as well as print work for Grand Mariner’s new “Live Grand” campaign.

As for personal projects, Emely did the identity for the 4A’s Multicultural Advertising Internship Program (MAIP) launched on the program’s 40th anniversary. Last year, she launched a Caribbean restaurant brand called Bull Bay in Wilmington, Delaware designing everything from the brand identity and interiors, to marketing materials.


Emely was recently honored as a “SHOTS Rising Star” and made the 4A’s list of the “100 People Who Make Advertising Great.” In 2016, she was named a “MAIPer to Watch” by the 4A’s. She has won an ANDY, two Clios, a London International Award, and a few Cannes Lions, but what she is most passionate about is not the recognition, but the interns. She was featured along with Aaron Padin, Head of Art & Design at JWY NY, in a 2015 issue of AdWeek on the importance of mentoring. She’s the designated mentor to her team’s Junior Designers and Interns, and just concluded her third summer as a “MAIP Coach.”


Emely has come so far, not just because of her innate talent and bionic work ethic, but because of how she approaches the work. Navigating the popular misconception that design is purely visual, she uses every opportunity to prove that it is so much more.