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Rob Hersey

VP, Creative Director Coca-Cola Account

Rob Hersey

UM Studios

As VP, Creative Director for UM Studios leading the Coca-Cola account, Rob is responsible for developing integrated ideas that connect brands to their audience though content, media and culture. 


Outside of Coca-Cola, Rob has worked across many of UM’s largest clients including Spotify, Johnson & Johnson, BMW, Hershey’s, Sony, USPS and ExxonMobil. Rob is also a regular contributor in providing agency thought leadership and has had a key role in winning new business for some of UM’s biggest accounts including Coca-Cola and Spotify.


Prior to joining UM, Rob spent several years at an independent digital agency helping to pioneer many innovative native advertising experiences for clients such as Coca-Cola, Google, Barnes & Noble, Zagat, Thomson Reuters, E*Trade, The NBA, and Lionsgate Films. Rob started his career at MTV in the in-house creative team. 


Rob believes that today’s connected world demands connected ideas that can allow brands to be continually relevant. People also expect more from brands today than ever before. They demand entertainment, utility and transparency from brands and our approach to content needs to evolve meet these high expectations. 


Rob is fortunate enough to work alongside some of the most brilliant marketers in the industry as we all try to figure out the future of advertising in the “post advertising” world. As brands continue to evolve beyond advertisers and more towards entertainers, It opens up limitless and exciting opportunities for creativity.