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Hillary Frey

Co-Chief Creative Officer

Hillary Frey

Matter Studios

Hillary Frey has spent nearly two decades working in publishing and journalism, first as a writer and editor and later as a senior executive designing strategy around news, politics and special elections coverage. She served as editor in chief of Yahoo News during the 2012 election; editorial director of NBC News digital; and executive editor of Fusion, the millennial-focused news and culture network co-created by Univision and Disney.

In early 2016, Hillary left Fusion to co-found Matter Studios, a new media company owned by Medium founder and Twitter co-founder Ev Williams, with her husband Mark Lotto. Matter Studios is a spinoff of the award-winning magazine Matter, a publication on Medium edited by Lotto from 2014–2016.

Matter Studios was founded on the idea that creative voices across all platforms—books, journalism, documentary filmmaking, podcasting—don’t get the kind of creative and financial investment needed to turn their ideas into explosive worlds that take advantage of all forms of distribution. Matter seeks out creators with entrepreneurial desires, who want to see their projects expand from text to video to audio, or vice versa. And it works with those creators to make that happen.

Hillary’s role as co-chief creative officer is to build a culture for Matter and its creators, and set a strategy that allows each project to grow to its fullest potential, with its own revenue streams. She brings a decade of running newsrooms and project teams to this challenge, as well as a desire not to replicate the management mistakes she observed in large, corporate environments.